What Is the CKIC?

About the Central Kentucky Inventors Council

Imagine being part of a network of inventors, entrepreneurs and other creative people; a non-profit group run by inventors for inventors, and having access to the support, guidance and experience for making your idea a reality.....

The CKIC is that and much more.  Our monthly meetings address topics such as patent law, marketing, business plans, prototyping, funding and technologies.  

Regular meetings are free and open to the public.  They are held on the 1st Tuesday of every month at the Bluegrass Area Development Center, 699 Perimeter Drive, Lexington KY. 

Members of the Central Kentucky Inventors Council have traveled to Lexington from as far away as Paducah, Ashland and Bowling Green for help and information.  What kind of benefits could draw people from such distances?  

Become a member and learn about the invention process from experienced members and professionals.  10 years of networking has built a suppport foundation that can help from idea to prototype to production stage and every step along the way. 


Do you have a great idea for an invention? 

Find out what you can do! 


Experience the Valuable Instruction, Motivation and Power of Connections at the CKIC! 



Innovate, Educate, Motivate

The members of the Central Kentucky Inventors Council work together to innovate, educate and motivate.

Past Meetings

Past Meetings:

04/07/15 - Open Meeting: Doug Clarke with Kre8Now Makerspace

03/03/15 - Open Meeting: Young Inventors Night with Newton's Attic

02/03/15 - Open Meeting: Special Event - Kickstarter: Pass or Fail?

01/06/15 - Open Meeting: Warren Nash, Director of the Lexington Kentucky Innovation Network 

12/02/14 - Open Meeting: Shawn Rogers, Office of Entrepreneurship at the KY Cabinet for Economic Development

11/4/14 - Open Meeting: Chris Singh with Ulmer & Berne

10/07/14 - Open Meeting: Cindie Weatherford, President of TWeatherford 3D Rapid Print

09/02/14 - Open Meeting: Matthew Tarka with MotoMill Industires

08/05/14 - Open Meeting: Ben Broeck with ArtLab KY 3D Printshop

07/01/14 - Open Meeting: How to Build a Startup- Steve Blank's Lean Launchpad

6/3/14 - Open Meeting: John Schlipp with the Intellectual Propterty Awareness Center

05/06/14 - Open Meeting: James Savage with Savage Syndications 

04/01/14  - Open Meeting: David Boggs with Lexington Manufacturing Center

03/04/14 - Open Meeting: Patent Attorney Jim Francis

2/04/14 - Meeting Cancelled Due to Weather

1/07/14 - Meeting Cancelled Due to Weather

12/03/13 - Open Meeting: CKIC Night at the Movies

11/05/13 - Open Meeting: Tim Gornet with Rapid Prototyping Center

10/01/13 - Open Meeting: Taylor Trusty with Blackstone Media

09/03/13 - Open Meeting: Kickstarter - Pass or Fail?

08/06/13 - Open Meeting: Web & Social Media Guru Ben Hibben

07/02/13 - Open Meeting: CKIC Night at the Movies

06/04/13 - Open Meeting: Twyman Clements, Kentucky Space

05/07/13 - InventorCon 2013: The Inventor/Entrepreneur Crossroads

03/05/13 - Open Meeting: Vance Vandrake, Patent Attorney with Ulmer & Berne

12/04/12 - Open Meeting: Rae Shepherd, Patent Librarian with Louisville Free Public Library

11/06/12 - Open Meeting: Bill Cloyd with Newtons Attic

10/02/12 - Open Meeting: Rich Boling with Techshot

09/04/12 - Open Meeting: Patent Attorney Jim Francis

08/07/12 - Open Meeting: Raj Shah from LVL1 Hackerspace

07/03/12 - Open Meeting: Movie Night! - TED Talks & Discussion

06/05/12 - Open Meeting: Bob Richards with RICHCO Venture Management

05/01/12 - Open Meeting: Nick Such with Awesome Inc and BuildingLayer

04/03/12 - Open Meeting: Michael Blaz with Laser Reproductions

03/06/12 - Open Meeting: Young Inventors Night with Bill Cloyd and Newton's Attic

02/07/12 - Open Meeting: David Boggs with the Lexington Manufacturing Center

01/3/12 - Open Meeting: Warren Nash with Lexington Innovation and Commercialization Center

12/6/11 - Open Meeting: Len Heller with University of Kentucky

10/04/11 - Inventors Conference 2011: Innovation Rising

10/11/11 - ASOTV Product Search Inventors Present to Telebrands in Cincinnati OH

09/06/11 - Open Meeting: Mark Johnson with the KY Cabinet for Economic Development

08/02/11 - Open Meeting: Patent Attorney Jim Francis

06/07/11 - Open Meeting: Mark Reyland, Executive Director, United Inventors Association of America

05/03/11 - Open Meeting: Don Skaggs: "Empowered Inventing - What Successful Inventors Do"

04/05/11 - Open Meeting: Michael Blaz with Laser Reproductions

03/01/11 - Open Meeting: Nick Wilczek, Reference Librarian with the Lexington Public Library

02/01/11 - Open Meeting: Bill Cloyd with Newton's Attic

01/04/11 - Open Meeting: Gordon Garrett with KY Small Business Development Center

12/7/10 - Open Meeting: Taylor Trusty with Blackstone Media

11/02/10 - Open Meeting: David Boggs with OWL/Lexington Manufacturing Center

10/12/10 - Inventors Conference 2010: "The Power of Connections"

09/07/10 - Open Meeting: Alex Frommeyer with Inven

08/03/10 - Open Meeting: Rae Shepherd with the LFPL Patent Depository

07/06/10 - Open Meeting: Movie Night - Flash of Genius

06/01/10 - Open Meeting: David Lafkas with Lafkas Patent

05/04/10 - Open Meeting: Derek Roscoe with Idealitet

04/06/10 - Open Meeting: Rob Voorhees: Inventing & Your Finances 

03/02/10 - Open Meeting: Roger Oberholzer with The Prototyper

02/02/10 - Open Meeting: Steve Ickes with Sandler Training: "The Buyer/Seller Dance" for Selling Your Invention

01/05/10 - Open Meeting: Movie Night: Pitchmen 

12/1/09 - Open Meeting: Patent Attorneys Jim Francis & Rebecca Krefft

11/03/09 - Open Meeting: Tim Benincasa and Kurt Hullinger with SCORE

10/27/09 - Quarterly Entrepreneurs Roundtable

10/13/09 - 5th Annual Inventors Conference

09/01/09 - Open Meeting: Steps From the Light Bulb to the Market-Part II, with Don Skaggs and Mark Miller

09/12/09 - "Invention Saturday" at Awesome Inc

08/04/09 - Open Meeting: Luke Murray and Brian Raney with Awesome Inc

07/07/09 - Open Meeting: Movie Night: Expanding & Evolving Your Invention / Business

06/02/09 - Open Meeting: Rich Boling with Techshot

06/09/09 - Inventors Workshop (CKIC Members Only) 

05/05/09 - Open Meeting: From the Idea to the Market - Don Skaggs & Mark Miller

05/12/09 - Inventors Workshop (CKIC Members Only) 

04/07/09 - Open Meeting: Ron Reardon, President of the United Inventors Association

04/14/09 - Inventors Workshop (CKIC Members Only) 

04/21/09 - Quarterly Entrepreneurs Roundtable

03/03/09 - Open Meeting: Jeanine Duncliffe, Trade Specialist with the KY Cabinet for Economic Development

01/06/09 - Open Meeting: Movie Night - Making Your 1st Million

01/13/09 - Inventors Workshop (CKIC Members Only) 

01/20/09 - Quarterly Entrepreneurs Roundtable

12/02/08 - Open Meeting: Mark Johnson with the KY Cabinet for Economic Development

12/09/08 - Inventors Workshop (CKIC Members Only)

12/16/08 - Entrepreneurs Roundtable Meeting

11/04/08 - Open Meeting: Patent Attorney Buzz Sanderson of King and Schickli

11/11/08 - Inventors Workshop (CKIC Members Only)

11/18/08 - Entrepreneurs Roundtable Meeting

10/07/08 - 4th Annual Inventors Conference

10/14/08 - Inventors Workshop (CKIC Members Only)

09/02/08 - Open Meeting: Rob Voorhees: An Inventor's QVC Success Story

09/09/08 - Inventors Workshop (CKIC Members Only)

08/05/08 - Open Meeting: David Murdocca, Skyline KY

08/12/08 - Inventors Workshop (CKIC Members Only)

08/19/08 - Entrepreneurs Roundtable Meeting

07/01/08 - Open Meeting: Kim Sayre, UK Center for Manufacturing

07/08/08 - Inventors Workshop (CKIC Members Only)

07/15/08 - Entrepreneurs Roundtable Meeting

06/03/08 - Open Meeting: MOVIE NIGHT: "Becoming a Household Name"

06/10/08 - Inventors Workshop (CKIC Members Only)

06/17/08 - Entrepreneurs Roundtable Meeting

05/06/08 - Open Meeting: Marketing and Commercialization with Mark Miller and Don Skaggs

04/01/08 - Open Meeting: Len Heller - UK Commercialization and Business Development

04/08/08 - Inventors Workshop (CKIC Members Only)

04/15/08 - Entrepreneurs Roundtable Meeting

03/04/08 - Open Meeting: "Patent Reform and the Independent Inventor" - Patent Attorney James Francis

2/19/08 - Entrepreneurs Roundtable

02/05/08 - Open Meeting: "Inventing 101, Revisited" - Mark Miller & Don Skaggs

01/01/08 - Presentation Postponed Due to Weather

12/04/07 - Open Meeting: "Best of the CKIC" A Year in Review

11/06/07 - Open Meeting "Tim Gornet - Rapid Prototyping Center"

10/4/07 - Inventors Conference

9/04/07 - Open Meeting "Michael Linn of FHI"

8/07/07 - Open Meeting "Nick Solon 3rd Dimension"

7/03/07 - Movie Night: "Behind the Scenes at QVC"

6/5/07 - "Marketing and Commercializaiton 101" - Mark Miller and Don Skaggs

5/1/07 - "Prototyping Your Invention" - Hank Gevedon with Protoplace

4/3/07 - "An Invention Story" - The Sisters of Invention

3/6/07 - "Avoiding Pitfalls before Patenting" - Buzz Sanderson of King & Schickli, PLLC

2/6/07 - Meeting Cancelled Due to Weather

1/2/07 - "Inventing 101" - Mark Miller and Don Skaggs

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